National Unplug Day


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Computers and cell phones should be off during National Unplug Day.

If you are reading this now you’re breaking the National Unplug Day rule. The day to turn off your phone is Friday, to take the day away from social media and spend the day with friends and family. In this day and age teenagers are not the only ones “abusing” the use of iPhones. Parents and younger children are using social media just as much as teens.

National Unplug Day started as a project of Reboot, a Jewish nonprofit community that started this project in 2003. The idea of the day was to challenge people to keep away from their electronics for a full 24 hours.

The day is meant to be take a break from social media and to relax and spend the time with friends, family, or loved ones. For 24 hours turn off your phone, unplug your laptop, turn off your TV, and avoid emails all day.

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It’s been a growing movement for the past few years that people want to take a break from electronics for day or even just a few hours.  There is a pledge to sign to take the pledge to #unplug at

If you’re out of ideas to do here are a few things to do when you unplug.

Things to do for National Unplug Day:

  • Go out to dinner with friends and have a serious conversation without the use of phones.
  • Spend the day with friends in a park or going for walks
  • Have a game night with pizza
  • Read a book
  • Go shopping with your friends