Middle Names Day


How important is your middle name?

Almost everyone has a middle name – almost everyone – but do you really ever use it? Is it just a name that you only use to fill out forms, or when you look at your passport?

Common middle names are  Marie, Nicole, Louise, and Rose for girls, or James, John, William, and Thomas for boys. Even though most middle names are common there is always a story behind how you got your middle name or even your name for the matter.

I tend to fall in the category of common middle names, mine being Mary. Mary Jean was my grandmother’s name, and her along with all her siblings were named after saints. So when I was born my middle name was named after my great grandmother, who was very close to my mother and when she died my mom named be Mary.

Many students here a Bellwood all have very common middle names.

“Marie is my mother’s name and her middle name is her mother’s name. It is a tradition,” said Phoebe Potter.

“My great-grandmothers on each side of my family had the middle name Mae,” said Junior Haley McCloskey.

Some other students have unique and different middle names.

“My great-grandfather’s name was Grady Smith. He passed away before I was born, so it’s our way of remembering him,” said Jacob Burch.