Ms. Brant initiates Solar Cooker Project for fifth year


Caroline Showalter

The Solar Cooker Project assists women living in Darfur.

Makala Doyle, Staff Writer

For the fifth year in a row, eleventh grade Problems of Democracy teacher Ms. Brant will be collecting money for the Solar Cooker Project.

On March 16, high school, middle school, and Myers teachers will be able to wear jeans for a donation of five dollars. Students in Ms. Brant’s POD classes are also collecting money from anyone to donate to the cause and get credit for community service.

Jewish World Watch  is the organization that initiated the Solar Cooker Project.

According to the organization’s website, “We initiated the SCP in 2006 as a way of protecting Darfuri women and girls, survivors of the Darfur genocide living as refugees in Eastern Chad, by reducing their dangerous trips outside of the camps in search of firewood for cooking. To date we have served hundreds of thousands of refugees in five camps – helping keep them safe and secure and empowering them as they build new lives Chad.”

Ms. Brant says she started this after Judith Meisel, a Holocaust survivor, spoke here at Bellwood-Antis several years ago. She said that Judith was very involved in this project, and she inspired Ms. Brant and students to help out.

“She had such an impact on me and my students that we decided to continue it. It is now done in her name,” said Ms. Brant.

The money donated goes through the Jewish World Watch, and then straight to the Solar Cooker project.

Why should you get involved?

“You never know when you will be in need of help,” said Ms. Brant. “You would want someone to help and stand up for you in time a time of need with generosity.”

Community service doesn’t limit us to just our local areas, but it is a nationwide service to help others”

— Ms. Brant

Senior Christina Kowalski said, “I donated to the project last year. I believe it is a great cause, and it’s important for students to learn to help others in need.”

Ms. Brant says she continues to do this every year because she teaches the nine elements of citizenship, and one of those nine is community service.

“Community service doesn’t limit us to just our local areas, but it is a nationwide service to help others,” added Ms. Brant.

Community service is a worldwide project, and Ms. Brant would like to continue it for the Jewish World Wide Project.

Please consider donating to this project to help change the lives of some people forever, and your generosity is greatly appreciated.