Getting the Jump on Spring


Hannah Klesius

Fish are feeling the weather warm up, along with the rest of us.

Be warned, all of you wishers of warm weather!

— Hannah Klesius

With Spring Ahead right around the corner, one can’t help but feel the urge to hope for warmer days. March 20: the first official day of spring; I can practically smell the fresh lilacs and growing, green, very-much alive grass. Is it obvious I’m completely over winter?

Be warned, all of you wishers of warm weather: We are not out of the winter woods yet!

Living as a proud Northerner all of my life has numbed me to the bitter cold and sweltering summers that come with the drastic changes of residing in this area. However, I have found these ever-changing conditions have blinded me of the appreciation for each season. Winter spent wishing for new spring life, spring spent longing for summer freedom, summer passes with fall (football) anticipation, and fall is cut short by the excitement winter holidays bring.

For all it’s worth, spring in school is even more exciting. Track, baseball, and softball (even if you aren’t part of the teams) are all signs the school year is coming to an end. Trade out your boots for flip-flops, everyone, because the time has come.

I couldn’t help myself from springing ahead.

— Hannah Klesius

But after you cut through all of the sunny excitement, you’re left remembering why you’ve missed it so much. Where has the sun been for so long? And what did I do with my time during those long months?

Weeks ago, a blog was published about taking your time and ENJOYING your last year of high school (see Our Last Firsts); now with only two months left, I see I couldn’t help myself from springing ahead to the next thing and never fully enjoying the moment or taking time to stop and smell the roses.

Just like how I’m always thinking ahead to the next season, I couldn’t break the habit of jumping the gun on my senior year. Looking back now, I wish I could have appreciated it more, but that is the past, and this is today.

To live for today is easier said than done, but from this point on I will make an effort to try. I am a control freak, a planner, someone who is always thinking ahead to avoid chaos and uncertainty in the future. It’s just who I have grown to be. The end of 12 grade is overwhelming with college, prom, graduation, and countless other “wrapping up” activities. I know firsthand how stressful final finals can be.

But take it from someone who can see the time flying by: Stop springing ahead.