Look Alike Day


We all know those people who look like someone else, the people who look like they could be related or look like a celebrity; that is why today is Look Alike Day!

Some students look exactly like they are related to some teachers. Jarryd Kissell, for instance, looks as though he could be Mr. McNaul’s younger brother or son, beard and all!

“Mr. McNaul and I are competing as father and son in the annual dodgeball tournament. We look so alike that it’s fun to confuse the new kids of school,” said Junior, Jarryd Kissell.

At Bellwood we have many, many, many sets of twins who dress alike and can make it hard to tell apart. Megan and Hannah Watchey dress alike all the time, but in reality they can be very different.

“It’s usually the glasses,” said Megan Watchey laughing, “When we were little we looked so much alike but now that we are older we have a lot of differences in looks.”

Even though you might not have a twin you can still look alike by twinning with their hairstyle or clothes you could fool anyone if you put your mind to it!

A Doppelganger is a person who looks exactly like you do but they could live the whole way across the world and not even speak a lick of English. The word doppelganger is derived from German Doppel (double) Ganger (walker or goer).

There has been multiple accounts of people meeting their doppelganger specifically Catherine the Great who had been told that her doppelganger had been in her throne room. Catherine had told her guards to shoot at her doppelganger.  Nothing is said about what had happened except that Catherine died soon after.