The Power of Three: Remembering The Greats


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Prince and Bowie join the King of Pop as three legends who left us way too soon.

Eli Vaglica, Staff Writer

There are just some songs that define artists even after they’re dead. When people think about these musicians they can recall the beats to that song and even sometimes all the words. With a lot of well-known musicians dying in recent times, we may no longer have them; but we still have their beautiful works to remember them. Nothing brings the world together more than music, especially after the death of these so highly regarded artists. Almost everyone can recall when Michael Jackson died, along with David Bowie only a few short months ago, and most recently Prince..

Purple RainPrince


It’s not my cup of tea, but it is pretty good. Prince, even later on in his life, could shred the guitar to his songs. Some revered him as the greatest guitarist and even musician who ever lived. Prince died quite recently leaving quite a hole in the hearts of his fans and the whole world remembering the music he made. It’s been speculated how he died exactly, whether or not it was an overdose. If you haven’t heard Prince’s music, you should try to because you might end up liking it.

ThrillerMichael Jackson

Michael Jackson/YouTube

Even though he died in 2009, Michael Jackson is still missed by many people today and I’m sure everyone would agree this is one of his most popular songs. People remember him for other songs, but this song is the one you always hear playing at middle school dances, people’s weddings and even sometimes proms. The world came together the day he died such a short while ago. His case was heavily televised and not always in a good way, but we still remember the music he left with us.

Space OddityDavid Bowie

David Bowie/YouTube

David Bowie sure started off with a lot of songs of space and it’s fair to say this is his most well-known work. This isn’t his only good song though; he has a plethora of others. There aren’t many songs by David Bowie that are bad, if any. Bowie’s psychedelic rock has gotten people to hear some of the best sounds in music for years and continues to do so even after his death. For him and all the artists no longer with us, their music will continue to be remembered and discovered by people of future generations for years to come.