The Power of Three: metal that isn’t satanic


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Not all metal music is about the devil.

Eli Vaglica, Staff Writer

There’s a stigma behind metal, especially when you get farther and farther away from the mainstream.

Usually there’s a drop in quality, but there can also be a lacking in humanity. I mean you see comments on YouTube videos of some user with 666 in their name talking about how brutal the music is for worshiping the devil, but the lyrics actually will have no correlation to the “devil” at all.

There are a lot of bands and songs that follow the stereotypical “praise Satan” theme and there are bands from completely different places of different practices and beliefs that have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about even without the language barrier.

Here are three metal bands that have nothing to do with the stigma of being satanic.

Senseless Massacre – Rings of Saturn

Aliens my dude, this band is all about aliens and how humans are not the master race. I recall reading articles that most, if not all, of the band members truly believe in aliens. But that’s just a theory, an alien theory. I think for the most part the band is pretty good. It’s got some pretty wicked fast guitars and drums. If you’re ever in the mood to worship your alien overlords, this is probably the band you want to be listening to or Bowie, I mean is there life on Mars?

Rings of Saturn/YouTube

Ramses, Bringer of War – Nile

If you think you remember hearing about some pharaoh, or king of Egypt, by the name of Ramses (Ramesses) you already remember a lot more about ancient Egypt than I do. This band is pretty much all based around the mythology of ancient Egypt and the rulers of that era. If you really want something different try wrapping your head around the beliefs of that time. Sure, you may know of the major figures and backgrounds of the characters in Christianity and Greek Mythology, but this stuff is actually pretty crazy from a foreign perspective.

Knights of Christ – Elgibbor

Black metal is more often than not the genre that everyone thinks of when they think of Satan worshiping and random demon screams. It’s probably also the most obscure genre and with the fact that it’s so isolated, usually the people who listen to it can get really messed up with misogyny, anti-religion, actually worshiping Satan and other messed up things. This is unblack metal: a Christian version of black metal that is supposed to be the antithesis of black metal… I guess. I’m not going to lie, it’s awful. I scarcely think a lot of black metal is really good, but this is just a new level of not very good Christian music. I rarely think there’s good Christian music, if there even is any at all, and then this genre was made. It’s not worshiping Satan, but oh man is it just uncomfortable. The music itself is good; it just incapable of depicting the ideas that most Christians want about it.