A Day in the Life of Mrs. McNaul


Mrs. McNaul is a very busy person. With a full time job and being a full time mom, she says her motivation comes because stuff has to get done and someone has to do it.

Mrs. McNaul’s favorite part about her job is getting to experience what her students create!

This is a day in the life of Mrs. McNaul!

5:23- wake up, go shower, take off eye makeup, brush teeth

6:11- get dressed

– Makeup hair

– make spinach and fruit smoothie to drink on the way to school

– Mr. McNaul makes eggs which she eats on the floor while hugging her son Levi

-put on Levi’s jacket them her own

-get in the car and drive to daycare/ drink smoothie

7:02- arrive at daycare

7:14- arrive at school

7:30- some duty somewhere

8:00- first period (trad. Crafts/ graphic design)

-Second period- eighth grade art

-Third period- preparation period- plan, emails, phone calls, make copies, help students in need, bathroom , apple snack

-Fourth period- art appreciation

-Fifth period- ceramics/ painting

12:00- 12:45- lunch (with Mr. McNaul until 12:21)

12:45-1:18- Middle school activity period

-Seventh period- seventh grade art

-Eighth period- drawing and sculpture

2:53- Monday’s and Wednesday’s bus duty

3:00- 3:45/4:00- emails, help students after school, planning, copies, work on art projects, phone calls

3:45/4:00- pick up Levi from daycare

-go home or pick up stuff at store

-get Levi a snack

-get changed into sweats

-prep dinner and cook with Levi tries to get my attention

5:45- eat dinner

-Play as a family

7:05- give Levi a bath, brush teeth, Levi gives his daddy a kiss, books, feeding, bed at 7:30 or 7:40

7:45- sit on couch and relax/ fall asleep

9:00- go to bed

11:30 or 3:30 or 4:30- Levi wakes up for water/ feeding or is up for the day