A Day in the Life of Mrs. Frank


Bryce Graham

Mrs. Frank on a normal day.

Mrs. Dawn Frank has a long, busy day teaching the ninth through twelfth graders. She is one of the Bellwood-Antis High School math teachers.

Here’s her day generally transpires.

5:50- Wake up

-Eat a banana and some granola and yogurt.

7:00- Leave house to come to school

7:25- arrive at school, go to room 203 and get ready for the day.

7:30 – 7:59- Homeroom

8:03- Period 1

-ISS or administrative duty.

8:51- Period 2

-Algebra 1, 9th grade.

9:39- Period 3

-Advanced math, 11th and 12th grade.

10:27- Period 4

-Planning, help students, return emails, grade papers, make copies, plan lessons.

Lunch 1- usually eat a salad and talk to other teachers.

11:15- Period 5

-Study hall, Grade papers, enter grades, planning.

12:23- Period 6

-Calculus, 12th grade

1:21- Period 7

-Honors Algebra 2, 10th grade

2:09- Period 8

-Advanced Math, 12th grade

3:30-3:45- Leave school

When Mrs. Frank gets to her house she spends about half an hour with her sons, cooks dinner and then eats. Her favorite food to eat for dinner is grilled chicken and veggies. She then takes her kids to practices and games.

Afterwards, she helps her kids with their homework and grades papers or make tests for school. She then talks to her husband and relaxes by watching some TV, going to bed at 10 or 11.

Mrs. Frank looks forward to the school days but wishes she didn’t have to wake up so early. Her favorite period is Calculus because, “I enjoy the content of the course,” she said. Mrs. Frank’s favorite part about teaching is “working with the students and colleagues.”