High school sweethearts

Jenn (Hatch) and Chris Miller have been making it work since their school days


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Jenn and Chis Miller are two high school sweat hearts who made their young romance last the test of time.

Sidney Patterson, The Lead Editor

How much do you know for sure while you’re a teenager? You can say for certainty what you learn from books, and maybe what you learn from experience, but could you really know who you’ll spend the rest of your life with?

Many teenagers think they know, but later end up with high school heartbreak. But one set of B-A alumni went from high school sweethearts to marriage and kids. This Valentine’s Day is their 19th Valentine’s Day spent together.

Jenn (Hatch) and her high school sweetheart, Chris Miller, have been together since 1998. Chris graduated in 2002, while Jenn left B-A one year later in 2003.

“We were each other’s first loves, in love ever since,” said Jenn.

Chris and Jenn are no strangers to the struggle of staying together in the younger years.

In their high school days, Chris was an all-state football player, wrestler, and baseball player and Jen was a cheerleader and an indoor majorette. Even then they had to make time for each other.

Anything is possible with trust, love, commitment, and happiness.

— Jenn Miller

“Practice and games took up a lot of after school time and keeping high grades while studying took majority of the night time,” said Chris. “We saw each other during school and a few nights, but we always made time for each other.”

Jenn said that their limited time together actually helped their relationship.

“Always making time for each other regardless of busy schedules or distance during college made us stronger,” said Jennifer. “Anything is possible with trust, love, commitment, and happiness.”

The two high school sweethearts are prime examples of this.

“Jenn and I showed many similar interests. She’s got a great personality, funny, beautiful, not dramatic or into trouble. We fit together perfectly and i thought about her all the time. I knew we were meant to be together forever, and we would not let anything get in our way.”

“We have three daughters, and sharing a loving family makes life perfect.”

Defying the odds, Jenn and Chris have been together for 19 years, and it all began in the hallowed halls of Bellwood-Antis.

“Chris will always be my main event,” said Jennifer.