Meet the Footloose leads



Ryen Beam and Grace Misera, shown at a recent appearance on Central PA Live, are the two leads in Footloose, Ren and Ariel.

Myranda Mamat, Staff Writer

Footloose the musical is opening next week, and the lead couple is ready for anything!

Seniors Grace Misera and Ryen Beam are playing the leads Ariel and Ren. Grace, who comes from a musical background, has been prepared for this show forever. Ryen, who participates in plays and chorus, is taking his first jump at being a lead for his final year.

Q: How excited are you to be preforming alongside one of your best friends?

Grace Misera: I’m so excited. Ryen literally came out of nowhere with so much talent and he is such a great scene partner. I’m blessed.

Ryen Beam: It’s very exciting because the friendship is already there so all of the delivery of our line is so natural.

Q: What do you think the most rewarding part of the show is?

GM: Making Ms. Hall and our director Rachel proud.

RB: Just knowing that all the work we’ve all put in as a coast and crew is going to give the outcome of a phenomenal show.

Q: Do you connect with your character?

GM: Yes. Ariel struggles internally a lot and wants to get out of her hometown. I can really relate.

RB: I feel like I connect with my character. Some events in his life are relevant to mine so it’s easy to take emotions from that onto the stage for my character.

Q: In your own words, how would you describe your character?

GM: I would describe Ariel as fiery and rebellious yet still trying to have her father’s approval.

RB: Ren is at a difficult time in his life. His father left and he’s moving to this small town in the middle of nowhere. This situation, however, allows so much growth for himself. He wants to stand up for what he believes in, and he tries to do so with a smile always on his face and a joke ready to be fired from the hip.

Q: This is your last high school play. What does it mean to you to have accomplished so much?

GM: It’s really emotional. I’ve put so much effort into these shows, and so has everyone else, and I just love showing people the product of what I love to do.

RB: Well this is my first and last high school play, but knowing everything we’ve accomplished throughout this process makes this an experience I will truly never forget.

Q: What’s been your favorite part of getting ready for the play so far?

GM: Doing this with all my best friends and preforming. There’s nothing like it.

RB: Honestly it’s been the rehearsals. Running the show and getting to perform with all of my friends on stage is truly an amazing feeling.

Q: What are you looking forward to on opening night?

GM: The applause and the energy.

RB: I’m looking forward to just having everything together and prepped for the show. The costumes, the props, the music, the lines, the energy, just everything.

Q: Do you think your chemistry performs well on stage?

GM: Absolutely; Ryen and I are really comfortable with each other and we’re really good friends and you can tell when we interact on stage.

RB: Our chemistry is incredible on stage. It all just feels so natural when we’re connected with our characters.