Behind-the-stage heroes make Footloose possible


Bryce Graham

There has been a lot of work done when the lights have been off that ensure Footloose will be a special production at Bellwood-Antis.

Cazen Cowfer, Staff Writer

For three long, hard months, Bellwood- Antis theater students have been working on the musical Footloose. The show is this Thursday and run through Saturday, and tickets are still available.

There’s no doubt that stars Grace Misera and Ryan Beam will shine, but we don’t get to see the “behind the scenes” action that goes on to put the show together.

Mrs. Leah Mcaul, the high school art teacher, painted for 11 weeks, creating the sets and backdrops that give the musical a touch of reality. She estimated spending 166 hours painting for the play.

“I designed and painted all the sets. It took me an extra two weeks to actually design the sets,” said Mrs. McNaul. “I sometimes painted an hour and a half after school, and I went in on Saturdays. I painted 13 hours a week during school.”

High school art students and Art Club also helped paint and make the sets.

Middle school band/chorus teacher Mr. Allan Wolfe will handle all of the tech, like microphones and lighting, and also he helped make the sets. He basically worked a double at school in preparation for the play.

“I worked with the mics and tech for 11 days,” he said. “I worked from 3:30-10:00 every day. It will be 3:30-11:00 on show nights. I also started helping build the sets after Christmas break.”

Kermit Foor also helps with the tech and lighting every night.

Without all of the help backstage there wouldn’t be a show. So, when you’re lost in the moment with stars like Grace and Ryan, don’t forget about who really put the show together, and make the magic happen.