The middle school gets a makerspace!

New concept generates excitement at BAMS


Ethan Hess

The middle school makerspace is under construction in the media center.

Welcome back, students! The 2017-2018 school year is underway, and there are many new additions to BAMSl this year. From fire alarms to new teachers, students are most excited for the addition of a makerspace. Myers Elementary recently got a makerspace of its own, and now it is the middle school’s turn to get one as well.

“The makerspace is a place where you can, create, design, and learn in an innovative way,” says one of the people in charge of the makerspace, Ms. Forshey. Ms. Forshey says the makerspace will include “vinyl cutters, heat presses, sublimation printers, cardboard, crayons, and markers.”

Basically, the middle school makerspace is a place for students to go to be creative and complete assignments. Middle school teachers hope the makerspace will allow students to “explore and think outside of the box”.

Caleb Beiswenger, a 7th grade student, thinks “It will be good for kids to experience new stuff.”

It will be interesting to see how students and teachers incorporate the makerspace into the 2017-2018 school year.