BA HISTORY 101: 1997 Variety Show


Alexis Gerwert

In October, 1997, B-A students shined in the annual variety show.

As we approach October we would like to reflect back to the same month in 1997, when the Hylite, the precursor of the Blue Print, reported that sixteen students performed in the Bellwood-Antis community variety show. It profited a whopping $1200 for the District Foundation to be used in promoting excellence.

Those sixteen students included: Tory Baldauf, Katie Palenscar, Sarah Loucks, Courtney Cross, Jaime Study, Becky Brown, Shauna Greiner, Annie Young, Josh Darnell, Heidi Beatty, Kevin Brisbin, Kristen Otto, Heather Gates, Billie Jo Tatsch, Alison Walk, and Phil McCaulley.

Time have certainly changed since 1997. For many years the show was sponsored by Ms. Susan Kovensky’s Leo Club, but it ended when she retired after 2013-2014.

Unfortunately we do not have any sort of variety show anymore. The closest thing we have to a talent show is the Poetry Slam; however, while anyone can attend it’s not the same kind of public event, and it’s generally attended only by B-A students and faculty. Similarly, in 2016 Aevidum hosted an open mic night, and there are several types of performances at Arts Night, which wasn’t an event at B-A until 1997.