BA HISTORY 101: Homecoming 1997


Alexis Gerwert

Homecoming 1997 went down a little differently Homecomings of late.

This week for BA history 101 we decided to take a look back 20 years ago to the girls selected to be on a 1997 Homecoming Court.

The Hylite, the precursor of the Blueprint, reported that five lucky best friends were selected as Homecoming candidates. This five ladies included: Julie Gerwert, Courtney McClellan, Laura Schmidt, Nicole Taylor, and Holly Young.

Instead of voting on a Friday like students do now, the students in’97 voted on Tuesday, September 23. Another difference is that they kicked off Homecoming with a spirit week. The following were the days and themes: Monday, pajama day; Tuesday, hat day; Wednesday, dress-up day; Thursday, favorite college sweatshirt day; and Friday, blue and gold button day.

The Monday before Homecoming an assembly was called during eighth period. The assembly’s purpose was so the high school could get to know the candidates better. There, it they could introduce themselves and their escorts, also telling a little bit about themselves.

At halftime Holly Young was crowned queen, Julie Gerwert as first runner up, Nicole Taylor as second runner up, Laura Schmidt as third runner up, and Courtney McClellan as fourth runner up. Following the game a dance was held in the gymnasium for grades 9-12 and any Bellwood alumni.