The Power of Three: Looking At Graduation


Julie Norris

Graduation is coming quickly, and that makes us think of graduation songs.

Eli Vaglica, Staff Writer

I’m going to graduate soon, at which point this little section of the BluePrint will most likely die, which really just proves my theory that all my accomplishments here are so meager that I shouldn’t have ever tried. I never even really knew if people liked to read my little articles with music. I just wanted to get out to people. Some things I felt were worth listening to, other articles were admittedly not my best. I hope if there is anyone they at least enjoyed something they heard or that I wrote.

Summer of ’69 – Bryan Adams

Bryan Adams/YouTube

In the spirit of graduation, this song seemed fitting. I don’t know or care for either of the awful picks for our class song thrust upon us at the beginning of the year and will most likely wear earplugs when it comes on. This song seems happy as they were the best days of his life looking back and everything seemed to last forever, but he could tell when it started to fall apart. We’re not going to be here forever, we’re going to go our separate ways and every minute with your friends and family counts.

Safety Dance – Men Without Hats

Man Without Hats/YouTube

Prom’s coming up and if this song doesn’t play at the dance for me to laugh and have fun with I’m going to be really upset. Looking at you here Beau, Mrs. Frank, or Kermit, just tell the DJ to slip this one in there. I have bribe money, this isn’t a joke. It’s too amusing to me not to have at a school dance, how someone could not dance like an imbecile to this song is beyond me. One of life’s greatest creations by far. I don’t know what I find so amusing about this song, but being reassured that “we can dance” by the song makes me chuckle and shake my head.

Take On Me – a-ha


Pretty basic for graduation purposes, but there isn’t anything extra about our class except the majority of trash that is played like most of the country music which I’m glad rears its ugly head in every direction but mine. It’s just a timeless classic. What can I really say, you’ve all heard this one. The music can take you on this one because who wouldn’t want to be jamming to the keyboard and singing the ‘Take me on’ part and trying to hit that last note embarrassingly.