Just Juniors: Tessa Albert

The Junior With an Infectious Laugh


How many of you can say that you know that loud junior with the infectious laugh? You’ve probably heard her coming down the hall before you even have seen her. Tessa Albert is one of the nicest, most recognizable juniors at Bellwood-Antis.

Tessa is the daughter of Kristina & Timothy Albert. When asked what activities she enjoys Tessa said, “I love Painting and, if the weather is right, snowboarding.”

Classmate Alexis Mayhue said, “She is such a great friend and is always there for anyone that needs a friend.”

English teacher Mr. Tom Partner said, “Tessa is an all-around solid English student. She is represented by three P’s: pleasant, positive, and passionate.”

Blue Print: What are you looking forward to about senior year?

Tessa: I can’t wait to finally be almost done with school! Having mostly study halls all year, I’m almost free!

Blue Print: What do you like about Bellwood-Antis?

Tessa: I like that everyone knows each other. We’re a small enough school that we at least know of each other. We may not talk to each other on a daily basis but we’ll still help each other out.

Blue Print: If you could retake any class at BA, what would it be and why?

Tessa: I would retake another study hall, which would be 40ish more minute I could sleep!

Blue Print: Who inspires you and why?

Tessa: A person that inspires me is my mom. She didn’t come from the best childhood and she doesn’t let that affect her life. She always finds the best in people. She brightens up your day just by talking to you. I hope one day that I will be like her.

Blue Print: Where do you see yourself in 10 Years?

Tessa: I hope to be done with college and then maybe starting a family and having my dream job.

Blue Print: What is your favorite movie?

Tessa: Wild Wild West

Blue Print: What is your favorite class?

Tessa: Math

Blue Print: What is your favorite food?

Tessa: Mashed Potatoes with Gravy

Blue Print: What is the best B-A lunch?

Tessa: The popcorn chicken bowl

Blue Print: What is in your I-pod right now?

Tessa: Ummm….Music, Music and more Music.