Alien Conspiracies


Lordin Williams

Alien Conspiracies

Lordin Williams, Staff Writer

There are plenty of strange things in this world that we don’t understand or just haven’t figured out yet. One of the most commonly discussed would be aliens. Ranging from sightings to sound, people all over the world have talked about having an occurrence with these mysterious beings. These are three conspiracies that intrigued me. Maybe one day, we’ll have answers.

Ghost Rockets

In 1946 and 47, sightings of “ghost rockets” appearing over Scandinavian countries, mostly Sweden, then to more European countries were reported. In 1948, a document from the USAF stated that the objects were not only real, but unearthly. 20 years later Dr. Paul Santorini, a Greek physicist said in 47, he was put in charge of an investigation of the ghost rocket sightings. He also said that the investigation was cut by US high military and scientists who had already said that the objects were extraterrestrial and did not want to cause public panic.

Mantell Incident

Thomas Mantell was an Air Force pilot. In 1948, he was in pursuit of an object, during this he passed away. He described as “a metallic object of tremendous size”. The incident was investigated and was determined that he had been chasing the planet Venus. Many did not agree with this conclusion. Later the theory was changed to a Skyhook balloon, which was used by the US Navy Office and Naval Research in the late 1940s and 50s for atmospheric research. This is still being debated till this day.

Project Sign (Project Blue Book)

This is definitely one of the most defining things in the interest of UFOs. Edward J. Ruppelt, first director of PBB, said the Air Force’s behavior seemed “schizophrenic” then secretive and dismissive. He had also revealed that in 1948, PBB issued a top secret Estimate of the Situation that came to a conclusion that flying saucers were not only real, but extraterrestrial in origin. He said the Estimate was to be destroyed by Air Force Chief of staff Hoyt Vandenberg. PBB stated that UFOs did resemble aircrafts, there was insufficient data to determine the origin.