2COOL4SCHOOL: Shayla Branstetter


Kaelynn Behrens

Shayla Branstetter is working on creating her own childcare business.

Senior Shayla Branstetter has been participating in a program called YEA, The Young Entrepreneur Academy, which helps young people develop and start a business.

“I’ve always been babysitting so I thought why not make it a business,” explained Shayla.

As of right now, Shayla is in class at Bellwood-Antis daily, so her time to babysit is limited. She is also the only “employee”at her babysitting business, called Shay’s Care, meaning she can only care for six kids at a time.

I’ve always been babysitting so I thought why not make it a business.

— Shayla Branstetter

“I don’t plan on attending college because I can’t take individual courses that help me get my certifications. I might take a few online classes,” she told Blueprint.

The business is enjoyable for Shayla and has become a dream. Short-term: Shayla wants to get her name out and start bringing in kids. Long-term: she wants a to own a childcare center and be a household name for parents in need of child care.

“I just love children and spending time with them,” she said.

When Shayla isn’t at school or working with YEA and her business, she loves spending time with her friends. She is always out doing something fun with them! Family time is also very important to Shay.

“I try to always have fun and stay positive!” she said.

Good luck to Shayla and her business! Bellwood is lucky to have such motivated students!