BA HISTORY 101: 80s band trip


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Thirty-seven years ago the band was planning at trip to the Big Apple.

Thirty-seven years ago Bellwood-Antis band members planned a trip to New York City.

In order to make this trip possible the band had to sell variety of things to raise money and reach their goals. They had hoagie sales and ham sandwich sales, a cheese and sausage sale, flower sale and they even sponsored the annual homecoming dinner.

They also sold a two-year calendar with the school name printed on them, they had more hoagies sales, and they also sale ink pens with the school mascot on them.

The band held a Christmas poinsettia sale at the public library. They hope to raise a large about of money in a candy sale.

The band also held fundraising events such as a skating party and a dance.

Today third nine years later band and chorus members are making a trip to Disney World June 10-17.