Dumb Laws: International


Lordin Williams

Here we go again

Lordin Williams, Staff Writer

I have done a story like this before, but this time I am going to be taking it to an international level. I also do not mean any offense to any of these countries, this is all in good fun.

Australia- Children may not purchase cigarettes, but they may smoke them
This is ridicules to me. What is the point of making a law that children are not allowed to buy cigarettes, but you allow them to smoke? If they did this to prevent children from smoking, then this is counterproductive. I’m sure kids can get them anywhere and this isn’t going to help anything. Why have a law like this if they undermine their own argument.

United Kingdom- A bed may not be hung out a window
My first question is…What happened? I feel like you probably have too much time on your hands if you are able to fit a bed out a window. This person probably had to have had a huge window in order to actually get the bed through it. I also want to know what led this person resort to hang a bed. Also, where did they get something strong enough to hold it? I’m officially concerned for the UK.

Switzerland- If you forget your car-keys inside the car and you leave the car open, you will be punished
Ok, I feel this is going too far. If the person leaves the keys in the car open, I feel that is punishment enough because there is a high chance of it getting stolen. Not to mention I’m sure they’d feel pretty dumb afterwards. What happened to make this country so angry at people leaving their cars in this situation to lead to this law? I just hope things turn out better for these people.