Scary Horror Villains


Lordin Williams

Horror Villains

Lordin Williams, Staff Writer

I love to watch horror movies, especially around Halloween. There is something about the feel of Halloween and the terrifying aspect that horror movies bring. So what better to do for Halloween than write a story on the characters that nightmares are made of?

Freddy Krueger (A Nightmare on Elm Street)This is the biggest villain in horror movie history. Wes Craven did an amazing job at bringing this ghoul to life. Freddy is literally what nightmares are made of. Freddy is a burn victim and his skin is severely injured from it. This also gives him an uncomfortable vibe. Krueger comes to you in your dreams and has the ability to injure, or kill you, in your dreams. He is centered on sleep paralysis, which is the inability to move or make any coherent noises while going to sleep or waking up. A lot of people say they see a dark, shadowy figure near or leaning over them, thus comes Freddy. He is also based on the theory that if you die in your dreams, you die in real life. Krueger is the man that has made people scared to fall asleep, and within good reason. There have been seven within the original series, Freddy vs. Jason and one remake.

Pyramid Head (Silent Hill)
Pyramid Head is a villain you wouldn’t want to run into. He is a very tall, built and carries an enormous blade with him. If you have ever played Silent Hill, you will understand why he is terrifying. In the movie, he mutilates a person with just his bare hands. Yeah, not someone you would want to run into. I know I would run into a corner and stay there. The game is also loosely based off of the town Centralia in PA. So this hits a little close to home.

Pennywise (IT)
Pennywise is the villain that everyone would be afraid of. He takes your biggest fear and brings it to life. He is the definition of terror. I know I would never want to experience what it would be like to have a run in with the killer clown. Pennywise is the biggest reason why people are scared of clowns today. This is a novel written by Stephen King and has had two movie adaptations. If I had a giant spider appear in front of me, I would cry. He is the biggest villain on my list. He has made such a big impact on the fears that we face every day and does it in a creative way.