Another Must Watch Comedies


Lordin Williams

These are worth watching

Lordin Williams, Staff Writer

As much as I love horror movies, it’s nice to just sit down and watch a comedy and laugh till your stomach hurts. These comedies are more on the not so pg13, but they are definitely worth putting in my story. I hope you get a chance to watch these.

The Hot Chick
Rob Schneider does an oddly amazing job at portraying a teenage girl in this hilarious comedy, where a teenage girl steels ancient Egyptian earrings that swaps your “soul”, when you wear one, with the person who wears the other. Rob’s character goes through the changes of being a teenage girl trapped in a grown man’s body. The actors do an amazing job at portraying the characters and being the opposite sex. When they change back, the man is arrested and oddly nothing really comes from this. It’s just really funny. Definitely worth watching.

Scary Movie (1-4)
I feel everyone has heard of Scary Movie, a comedy that spoofs horror movies. From Scream to the Sixth Sense, Scary Movie is for people like me who enjoy watching horror movies and comedies. I can guarantee if you are into not-so appropriate movies, you will laugh till you cry watching this. There are actually five movies, but I choose to ignore the fifth one, due to the fact that the original actors are not in the movie.

50 First Dates
I absolutely love this movie. Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler are so good together. Drew’s character suffers from short-term memory loss, Adam’s character keeps finding odd and unique ways to try and get dates with her. The movie is funny, but also filled with heart. This one is also more of a family friendly movie, but there are still some scenes that would be questionable, such as language and suggestive themes. All in all, this is a movie I highly suggest.