Eighth Graders Enjoy Theme Days


Bailee Conway & Layla Kurtz

Eighth graders showing off some of the more popular Theme Days.

We are sure you have seen eighth graders walking around wearing outfits you would not usually see at school. We are also sure you have wondered why. It is because of Ms. Campbell’s free Theme Days. Each class takes takes turns selecting what the students will dress up as a day that week. It is totally up to the students to choose if they want to participate in all of these days, just a few of them or none. It’s a great opportunity for the class members to step out of their comfort zone and wear some funky things to school.

We were curious about the idea behind Theme Days and why they started so we asked Ms. Campbell some questions about this weekly activity.

We started off asking Ms. Campbell which Theme Day has been her favorite. She responded, “That is hard to decide. Really any day that is super fun for the kids but Redneck Day, holiday themed days, Hawaiian Day,and the day they dress up as greasers are some of my favorites.”

Ms. Campbell also share with us why she started these special days for our class. She said, “To keep eighth grade really fun. It is their last year in middle school, and I want this to help boost their self esteem.”

When asked if she wished she could have participated in Theme Days when she was in school, Ms. Campbell said, “Kind of, yeah. It would be super fun!”

We also asked Ms. Campbell if there was a Theme Day she dreaded, and she replied, “They are all fun. I really just enjoy the days where everybody participates.”

Ms. Campbell shared her opinion with us about what Theme Day represents, “It’s all about togetherness, what we all have in common versus what separates us.”

We also interviewed Daniel Weeden, the most participating 8th grader, and asked him some questions about Theme Days. He sees the value in having these days. “It makes the day more relaxing, and they keep everyone in a good mood. Twin Day was my least favorite so far, but Pink Day was really fun! The days are really useful. They help students come out of their comfort zone.”

Many of the eighth graders willingly participate in Theme Days to make their days a little more positive and exciting. They are also a good way for them to find a way to communicate with other students, other than just their small group of friends. The students enjoy having a day where they can bond and not judge each other for differences. Theme Days are a very special part of the class’s final year as middle school students, so thanks, Ms. Campbell, for helping to make it a memorable one!