In The Club… With Renaissance


Over the summer, B-=A Renaissance members like Mya Decker took time away from vacation to decorate the school in an effort to create a positive atmosphere.

Rebecca Burns, Staff Writer

Renaissance Club is designed to create more opportunities for all students to become involved. The Renaissance Club’s goal if for every student to feel seen, heard, and loved.

Anyone can join Renaissance club during Group 1 activities in Mrs. Clippard’s room and by showing up at special events after school. It is never too late to join and there are no requirements to join.

Mrs. Clippard is the club’s co-advisor, along with Mrs. Stinson.

When in  Renaissance Club, students share their talents and time. They will help organize and contribute to creating “moments that matter” within the school. Students in the club enjoy that they are making the school a more positive place.

Renaissance students are given a sense of leadership and accomplishment. They get to see the school, which some students compared to looking like a prison, become a brighter, more colorful place.

Last school year the group had the honor of going to see Phil Campbell and Mike Smith speak on their Jostens Renaissance tour and they felt inspired. The work continued over the summer.

Still on the fence about joining Renaissance? Join! Getting involved in Renaissance is a way to help shape the school environment how you want it. Renaissance’s goal is to make everyone have a place in high school. They need all types of people to join: athletes, artists, academically advanced students, gamers, etc.

Renaissance wants every student ten years after they graduate to say “those were the best years of my life.”