In The Club… With Chess Club


Alexandra Diamond

Brothers Caedon and Zion Poe square off in Chess Club.

Chess Club is pretty self explanatory. It’s a club where you play chess. However, did you know that chess club has a chess tournament in March? Interested in joining? All you have to do is show up during group 2 activity period. Chess club meets in Mr. Goodman’s Room. By the way, you can sign up for Mr. Goodman’s Chess tournament in March whether you are a member or not.

Although you do play chess, Chess club is so much more than that. While you are learning and getting better at playing chess, you are also getting many benefits. Chess players learn valuable skills such as accepting defeat, how to have confidence, how to be calm under pressure, and problem solving skills. Chess players also use both sides of the brain and are better at focusing. The best part about playing chess is analyzing your mistakes. This helps you be to a better player, and this skill is useful throughout life.

If you are not interested in the chess benefits, then don’t be discouraged. In Chess club, high school students can meet new people and enjoy a lively game of chess with their friends. Sometimes a group of friends play one game together. Other times you can go around the room and play with other students you don’t know or are only acquaintances with. It’s really exciting to make new friendships in Chess club. On the other hand, old friends are inclined to create competitive rivalries among themselves.

Overall, Chess club is an excellent club where you can be a competitor in the chess tournament, learn life long skills, play to get better at chess, or hang out with your friends and play fun games of chess. You can join at anytime, and feel free to bring several friends with you. Everyone has the most delightful time at Chess club. All in all, coming to chess club is an entertaining way for anyone to spend activity period.