Tune Talk: Top 10 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Dave Grohl

Willie Williams , Staff Writer

Since today is Dave Grohl’s 50th Birthday I figured I had to do some sort of story to appreciate him and help you guys learn something more about him so I decided to do a list of stuff that you most likely didn’t know about him. So I’m just going to let the list be a thing now.

10. Dave and Nirvana bassist, Krist Novoselic, recorded a few demos after Nirvana finished and almost struck out with their own group.

9. Dave’s first hero was Jim Craig, the 1980 American ice hockey team goalie from Worcester, Massachusetts. After the team had beaten Russia, he found the phone numbers of all the Jim Craig’s in the area and congratulated them. Dave and the real Jim Craig met years later at the Winter Olympics.

8. When Dave was 13 years old, he was introduced to punk by his cousin Tracy, and she took him to see the band, Naked Raygun, at Chicago’s Cubby Bear.

7. Dave and Foo Fighters bass player, Nate Mendel, met at a Thanksgiving Party.

6. Dave says that the instrumental “Frankenstein” by The Edgar Winter Group was the song that made him want to become a musician.

5. Tom Petty was the working title for the Foo’s 2002 album, “One By One.”

4. In school, Dave wanted to be a UFO investigation expert.

3. Dave Grohl once made a cameo appearance on the X-Files in a 1996 episode called “Pusher.”

2. The first instrument Dave learned to play was the trombone.

1. The Grammy that the Foo Fighters won for the album “There is Nothing Left To Lose” is used to keep Dave’s bedroom door open.