Fab Freshmen: Addison Clemente


Phoebe Potter

Freshman Addison Clemente goes with the flow and doesn’t sweat the little things.

The fab freshman for this month is Addison Clemente. Her parents are Stacey and Josh Clemente. The activities she’s involved in are cross country, track, speech, and chorus.

Music teacher Mr. Dick Bower said, “She’s been a true joy to work with. She’s extremely talented and motivated in everything she does.”

One of her close friends Grace Misera said, “She’s something! She’s a very good friend, truth worthy, and when she decides she likes something she sticks to it.”

The Blue Print: What’s the biggest difference between 9th grade and middle school?

Addison: In high school you get to know more people that aren’t in your grade.

The Blue Print: What class from freshman year will you never forget and why?

Addison: Music theatre, because there is a surprise every day.

The Blue Print: What goals do you have for the next 3 years of your BA experience?

Addison: To graduate and get out.

The Blue Print: What advice would you give 8th graders preparing to make the jump to high school?

Addison: Just relax because it’s not really a big deal.

The Blue Print: What’s one thing you’ll do differently as a sophomore and why?

Addison: Be more prepared because there were plenty of times I wasn’t ready.

The Blue Print: What is your favorite movie?

Addison: Frozen.

The Blue Print: What is your favorite class?

Addison: Lunch.

The Blue Print: What is your favorite food?

Addison: Skittles.

The Blue Print: What is your favorite B-A lunch?

Addison: Chicken patty.

The Blue Print: What’s in your iPod?

Addison: Music.