PJ day and dress down day postponed


Caroline Nagle

mini-THON advisers Mr. McNaul and Mr. Stewart made the decision to postpone some fundraisers due to weather-related issues.

Ali Wagner, Photo editor

Due to the snow day Thursday, January 24,PJ day and teacher jeans day, scheduled as fundraisers for mini-THON,  have been postponed until next Thursday.

“Kids would be confused, I think, whether it was (changed to Friday) or just postponed, so we just postponed it,” said mini-THON adviser Mr. Matthew McNaul

The cost for each will be $5 for the teachers to dress down and $1 dollar for student PJ day.

All of the money will go toward the mini-THON goal of $15,000, which stemmed from last year’s success of raising $13,000.

mini-THON will be held on March 1 2019. All proceeds go towards Four Diamonds, which raises money to assist families dealing with childhood cancer.