Changes and more changes


Mara Bollinger

Mrs. Nycum is one of the many BAMS teachers to make a New Year’s resolution.

This is the time of year when most people are making their New Year’s resolutions, even though they usually have a hard time keeping them. We interviewed a few staff member sat BAMS and asked them about some of the changes they are trying to see through during 2019.

Mrs. Trexler: Exercise more often and eat more healthy.

Mr. Andrekovich: Be a better person.

Mr. Partner: I don’t have one because I can never keep them. I do it more around lent when I give up soda and try to lose weight.

Ms. Mary: Be more prayerful and more thankful.

Mrs. Nycum: Go to bed earlier at night.

Mr. Hughes: Be more organized.

Mrs. Longo-McGarvey: Get healthier and not eat carbs or sugar.

Mr. Martin: Stay alive for another year!

Ms. Campbell: Get into shape and watch more TV.

Ms. Forshey: Work on a children’s book I started a few years ago.

Mrs. Hoover: Start taking yoga.

Ms. Harris: Exercise more.

Mrs. McNaul: I don’t have a resolution so I can live well all of the time.

Mrs. Gonder: Loose weight.

Mr. Collins: Be more considerate and helpful to others.

Mrs. Taylor: Exercise more and eat less.

Mr. Mackereth: Lose 20 pounds and travel to Canada.

Mrs. Kuhn: Spend more time in nature.

We really enjoyed hearing the BAMS staff members’ New Year’s resolutions for 2019. We hope you enjoyed reading about them too!