BA History: New Library


Hailee McConnell

This is the Media Center

Thirty years ago, the Bellwood-Antis Middle/High School Library was scheduled to open full time. 

The library assistants were sorting books, putting them in order, and shelving them. 

When the library first opened, the district took great pride in it.

“The library will truly be the hub of academics,” said former high school principal, Mr. Michael Sakash.

Now, Bellwood-Antis Middle/High School has been transformed into a Media Center. It is stocked with lounge chairs and furniture, and you can order food and drinks. 

Around four years ago, the district started to build the Media Center, taking most of the old books and throwing them away. 

They removed outdated research books and weeded through books that were no longer is use by the student body.

“We have iPads now and the internet at our finger tips, so why would you need an atlas from 1980,” said Mr. Tim Trexler, who runs the media center.

The Media Center is not only  a place for students to go eat and socialize, but a place to study and for teachers to bring students for group projects and research.