BA HISTORY 101: renovating Memorial Stadium


Jon Kost

Memorial Stadium underwent a major renovation in 1996.

Yearbook photo
Memorial Stadium from 30 years ago is nearly unrecognizable when compared to today’s version.

Twenty-Three years ago, the Bellwood-Antis School District opened  new Memorial Stadium, just in time for the 1996 football season. 

Everything from the vivid new color of the track to the new beautiful view of the valley from the home-side bleachers far exceeded the expectations of Dr. Dodney Kuhns, the Superintendent at the time, and the public.

The track used to be a cinder track, the bleachers used to be wooden, and home stands were towards the high school.

Now, the track is an all weather track, the bleachers are metal, homes-side bleachers are now by Stadium Drive, facing the school, and now you can’t just walk on the track because there’s a fence separating the track and the walkway. 

Renovators also changed the ticket booth and the main entrance.

The stadium was completed at the end of August in 1996, though there were still a few minor details that needed attention. 

Now, in 2019, in two weeks, Memorial Stadium is being renamed after retired Bellwood-Antis football coach and old Athletic Director, Coach John Hayes.  

The school board voted earlier this month to rename the facility John Hayes Field  Stadium at Memorial Stadium.