A Love-Hate Relationship with IXL


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Some of the math skills sixth grade students review using the IXL program.

Many BAMS teachers are having their students use an app called IXL. IXL is an online instructional tool that can be used for math, language arts and other subjects. Most teachers think the app is very useful, but some students may think differently. We interviewed a few students to give their opinions on the app.

We interviewed one student from each grade in the middle school:

Question 1: What are your thoughts on IXL?

Bradyn Partner, 5th Grade: I don’t like IXL. I don’t like to do it.

Amyra Snyder, 6th Grade: I like IXL. I think it’s fun.

Holden Schreier, 7th Grade: No. I definitely don’t like IXL.

Allison Nycum, 8th Grade: No, I don’t really like it.

Question 2: Why don’t you like IXL or why do you like it?

Bradyn: When you get a question wrong, it brings your score down way too much.

Amyra: It helps me to practice my skills.

Holden: I don’t like that your score decreases so much when you get a question wrong.

Allison: The score goes down too much (when you get a question wrong).

Question 3: What could IXL do to make the program better for students, or what should they keep?

Bradyn: When you get a question wrong, it shouldn’t take your score down so much.

Amyra: I like the scoring. I think that it’s fair.

Holden: I think that you should just answer ten questions and however many questions you get right out of ten, that should be your score. I recommend Mathletics. It’s a great source and it helped me.

Allison: They could make the score not change when you get a question wrong.

Whether students like or dislike IXL, it seems to be solely based on the users themselves and their growth. Some people think it’s useless, and some people think it’s beneficial. After these interviews,  we now have a better insight on student opinions about IXL. So what do you think? If you use IXL, do you love it or hate it?