Super Seniors – Sean Harrity


Sean Harrity is a true baller from Tipton.

Sean Harrity is that guy that is always there for his friends. He is really tall and smart,  and he loves playing basketball.

Fellow Blue Devils basketball team member Nathan Davis, said “Sean Harrity, where do I begin? Intelligent, kind, loving, and above all else, a good friend.  We’ve been through the good and the bad, but he’ll always be there for me.  He’s the peanut butter on my jelly.”

Parents Names: Catherine Harrity and Jeffrey Harrity

Activities: Basketball, hanging out with friends, playing video games

BluePrint: What are your plans after graduation?

Sean: Hang out with friends during this last summer and then go off to college in the fall.

BluePrint: Describe your experience at BAHS.

Sean: Pretty enjoyable and for the most part, and not too hard.

BluePrint: Which teachers have impacted you most and why?

Sean: Mr. Gene Yingling.

BluePrint: What is something the student body many not know about you?

Sean: I’ve built over 10 computers.

BluePrint: Who are some of your idols/role models and why?

Sean: Tyson Miller; Good friend and a good person, also a decent athlete.

BluePrint: What are your plans for after high school?

Sean: Go to either Penn State Altoona or IUP and major in Computer Science or Information Sciences &Technology.

BluePrint: How much do you play basketball?

Sean: About an hour or so a day.

BluePrint: How did you get started playing basketball?

Sean: Signed up for it in 3rd grade and stuck with it ever since.

BluePrint: What is it like playing basketball with your close friends?

Sean: It’s really great to share some of the experiences out on the court with my good friends.

BluePrint: Is there anything you regret about your high school years?

Sean: Not playing basketball in 10th grade.

BluePrint: What do you plan on doing your senior year?

Sean: Get good grades and relax and just enjoy my last year of high school.

BluePrint: What is your favorite movie?

Sean: The Big Lebowski

BluePrint: What’s in your IPod right now?

Sean: Mostly Dubstep and Alternative music

BluePrint: What is your favorite class?

Sean: Industrial Arts with Mr. Crowell

BluePrint: What is your favorite food?

Sean: Buffalo Chicken Pizza

BluePrint: What is the best BA lunch?

Sean: Popcorn Chicken Bowl