New iPads coming for all B-A students


Lily McNelis

All B-A students will be receiving a new 7th generation iPad.

The students of the Bellwood-Antis School District will be receiving new iPads this fall, the Generation 7 model to be exact. As you can imagine, students are excited about this change. Read on to find out how a few middle school students feel about this update to their technology.

No matter the grade or the student, all students interviewed were very excited about getting a new device. Fifth grader Brendan McNelis said he was looking forward to getting a keyboard and having more storage while his classmate Ella Fieni feels the new iPad will work faster and will function better. Seventh grader Cooper Lovrich is happy about getting a new device that won’t be as slow. Emma Fieni, also a 7th grade student, is excited about getting something new because we’ve had the same iPads for the past four years.

These BAMS students are looking forward to receiving a keyboard case that goes with the new iPad too. Although it will take some time to get used to, they feel typing will be easier. Lastly, the students are excited about the larger full-sized screens because they will be much easier to see.

Some students have already received their new device, and the rest will getting theirs very soon!