Haley McCloskey

Haley McCloskey has been working hard to make her artistic dreams come true!

Haley Campbell, Video/Multi-Media Editor

Having a hobby turn into a career is difficult for almost anyone. However, 2017 Bellwood-Antis alum, Haley McCloskey is not just anyone.

Bellwood Alum, Haley McCloskey (Haley McCloskey)

After graduating high school, Haley made a decision that would change her life forever. She bought her first camera. After this, her dreams of becoming a full-time photographer have only gotten closer to reality.

Haley’s photography business has taken off tremendously! She has become well known for her beautiful senior portraits, and continues to make a name for herself in Bellwood. Highschool yearbooks are now lined with Haley’s incredible work. “I feel a special connection with Bellwood seniors. This year it is cool to see all the people my sister grew up with,” she said.

Not only does Haley capture senior photos, but weddings and casuals as well. Recently she was even booked to photograph a wedding for another photographer in the area. “That’s crazy to me that another photographer would want me to shoot THEIR wedding. Boggles my mind, said Haley.

I feel a special connection with Bellwood seniors. This year it is cool to see all the people my sister grew up with.

— Haley McCloskey

Growing up, Haley had always looked up to Sarah Vogel. Sarah is another Bellwood alum who has made her artistic dreams come true. Sarah had a dream of Coffee and art. She made her dream a reality by opening The Clay Cup, a hot spot in downtown Altoona where you can paint while enjoying some coffee/baked goods.

“Seeing her achieve so much in photography and also how focused she was on growing her own brand was truly inspiring to me. She is an absolutely amazing entrepreneur and I will look up to her always,” says Haley.

Until recently, Haley worked full time in accounting, after receiving her accounting degree. She left this position to become a part time bank teller. This allows Haley to make more time for photography, enabling her business to grow. “It does get hard to balance photography/job/ social life. I’m usually nonexistent to my family and friends in my busy season,” she said.

It won’t be long until Haley becomes a full time photographer, and she can’t wait to be able to commit fully to it. “I personally don’t like to critically plan my future. I like to see the way things go – while keeping my short and long term goals in mind. Who knows where I’ll be in say 5 years!”

Best of luck to Haley McCloskey, and her career in photography! Keep up the amazing work!

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