The BluePrint’s top new stories of 2020

2020 has been a rollercoaster not only for the little town of Bellwood, but the whole world. From scandals, to a pandemic, to protests, to quarantining and virtual school, 2020 has definitely kept everyone on their toes from the start. Here are 10 of the Blueprint’s top stories from our dedicated  staff that kept everyone in the loop throughout this crazy year.

Jason Lynn is in Jail on multiple felony charges. (Haley Campbell)

BA tries to move forward following board member’s arrest – Julian Bartlebaugh and Haley Campbell

At the start of the year one of the Bellwood-Antis school board members was arrested on multiple felony and misdemeanor counts. Haley Campbell and Julian Bartlebaugh wrote more on how the school decided to take charge after this out of the blue phenomenon.

The big debate: to vaccinate or to not vaccinate. (Maggie Erickson)

To vaccinate or not vaccinate – Maggie Erickson

Maggie Erickson wrote a story on the big debate, to vaccinate or not vaccinate, and how schools are trying to answer this difficult question. Recently with COVID-19 vaccines being developed and even distributed in some places, this has become an even more heated topic with the possibility of having that one available to the general public in the next year.

Ryan Blazier is being charges with multiple counts of rape and sexual assault. (Social media image/ Tuckahoe Yearbook)

Charges lead to wrestling coach’s dismissal – Julian Bartlebaugh

Another unexpected occurrence in Bellwood was the arresting of a Bellwood-Antis junior high wrestling coach, Ryan Blazier, who was charge with a slew of charges. Julian Bartlebaugh covered this story from top to bottom in January and February, keeping the town informed on what was happening.

COVID-19 is yet another pandemic that this world has yet to face. (Public Domain Image )

COVID-19 is another in a long line of deadly pandemics – Maggie Erickson

COVID-19, the pandemic that is going to mark 2020 down in history. Maggie Erickson reported on how schools  shut down and aeveryday lives pretty much came to a standstill in spring of 2020.

The 2020 graduating class stand for their class photo. (Manning Photography )

An open letter to the class of 2020 – Julian Bartlebaugh

In March, Julian Bartlebaugh wrote a heartfelt letter to his fellow graduating classmates pertaining to COVID-19 and the unexpected twist to their senior year.

Andrew Tornatore washes his hands when entering Ms.Clippard’s classroom. (Caroline Nagle )

The daily battle against COVID-19 – Caroline Nagle

Caroline Nagle wrote about how Bellwood-Antis High School is fighting against COVID-19 and all of the daily precautions that are held in place to keep the students safe.

Students adjust to COVID-19 precautions in the lunchroom. (Caroline Nagle)

Lunch with a mask? – Haley Campbell

The 2020-2021 school year start has definitely been abnormal. From staggered dismissal, to social distancing, to wearing a mask all day, everything was out of ordinary. Haley Campbell wrote about how lunch for BAHS has changed as a whole, and how some students have felt about that change.

Myers Elementary’s 4th graders sent home pertaining to a positive covid case. (Trinity Rivas)

Myers fourth graders sent home following positive COVID test – Jake Bollinger and Joe Dorminy

With COVID cases being on the rise in our country as the school year goes on, the Bellwood-Antis School District had its first COVID case confirmed in October. Jake Bollinger and Joe Dorminy wrote more on this occurrence and how the whole fourth grade was sent home.

COVID-19 has a major impact on 2020 as well as education for the 2020-2021 school year. (Aarron Laird)

B-A makes major changes to education in COVID era – Haley Campbell and Caroline Nagle

In order to relieve some stress on the BAHS teachers and students, the district decided to put half days on Fridays in place until January 8. Haley Campbell and Caroline Nagle wrote more about this and how students feel about half Fridays .

Students will have the option of making up their keystones in December. (Aarron Laird)

The Keystone is back – Aarron Laird

Aarron Laird wrote a story on how the Keystones were to make a return in December of 2020 after being delayed so long due to the pandemic.

BASD students received new iPads this school year, and just in time for virtual. (Aarron Laird)

New iPads coming soon to a classroom near you – Joe Dorminy

In light of all that was going on, the Bellwood-Antis School District started administering new iPads to students K-12. Joe Dorminy wrote more about this and how distribution was going to work, as well as some features to look forward to.

Central PA is predominantly Trump supporting, but what is that like for supporters of the minority party? (Kami O’Shell)

Being the Minority in the Majority – Haley Campbell

Despite the pandemic, 2020 is still an election year. Haley Campbell got some insight from fellow students, and broke down what it’s really like to be a democrat in a town full of republicans.

Once again in 2020, classes are switched from face-face learning to fully virtual learning. (Aarron Laird)

School board votes in favor of shutdown until December 11th – Jake Bollinger and Zach Miller

Due to a recent rise in COVID cases in our county and school district, the school board decided to go virtual after thanksgiving break until December 11th. Further decisions will be made at another board meeting on December 8th.