FEATURED ALUMNI: Jeremy Claypoole


Courtesy photo

Jeremy Claypoole has found his calling in the fitness industry.

Throughout high school, 2012 grad Jeremy Claypoole could always be seen running down the football field making touchdowns or doing long jumps and bringing home the gold. 

However, even with such a strong passion for fitness, Jeremy had no idea of the successes fitness training would bring him, from personally training himself to training students and adults in the community. 

Jeremy’s career has taken off tremendously! He has become well known to the people of Altoona and Bellwood for being their personal trainer at Gorilla House Gym. Jeremy continues to make a name for himself in Bellwood by helping some Bellwood-Antis football players train for the season. 

The BluePrint asked Jeremy about his career and why he has decided to commit on going into this particular job.

BLUEPRINT: Why did you want to do exercise science?

Jeremy Claypoole: I have always had a passion for fitness and competing and service science let me pursue both.

BLUEPRINT: How has Gorilla House Gym impacted you physically, mentally, and socially?

Jeremy Claypoole: Gorilla House has helped me become a better trainer and reach my full training potential. Ray and Ang have helped me tap into all parts of my fitness and training. Before I had more of a tunnel vision/by the book version of training.

BLUEPRINT: What is your favorite thing about working at Gorilla House?

Jeremy Claypoole: y favorite thing about training is making an impact in people’s lives not just in the gym but outside of it too. Fitness’ goal is to make you better at life. 

BLUEPRINT: Who inspired you to become a fitness trainer and has any Bellwood students impacted you throughout this journey?

Jeremy Claypoole: I wanted to be an athletic trainer first so my high school athletic trainer is the reason I wanted to follow that track. But in college, I realized that wasn’t for me so I switched to exercise science. I know of other trainers that have come from Bellwood; however they did not really impact me in any way. I am the trainer I have become today from experience.

Best of luck to Jeremy Claypoole, and his training career! Keep up the amazing work!