Super Senior: Emily Miller

The girl whose favorite color is glitter


Emily Miller has dreams of making it big as a dancer.

Anddd…..The senior spotlight is….drum roll please….Emily Miller!

Emily Miller is seventeen years old, soon to be eighteen on November twenty-fourth. She is the daughter of Tracey McCaulley and Shad Miller. She has a sister Alison McCaulley and a brother Collin McCaulley who also attend BAHS.

Emily’s Favorite movie is The Great Gatsby and her favorite song is Strange Birds by Birdie. When asked what her favorite color is, Emily responded with, “Does glitter count?”

When asked about Emily Miller, classmate Emily Estright said, “Emily Miller is a fun loving gal, with a popping personality and a zest for life.”

Here are Emily’s answers to some questions asked by the BluePrint.

BluePrint: What school activities do you participate in?

Emily: I am in art club, NHS, chorus, and county chorus.

BluePrint: What are you interests outside of school?

Emily: I participate in dance, Rainbow Girls, and activities with my church.

BluePrint: What is your favorite class?

Emily: Chorus is my favorite.

BluePrint: What teacher has impacted you the most and why?

Emily: Ms. Hull because she is encouraging, she is very knowledgeable about music, she is really nice and she always wants us to do our best.

BluePrint: How have you changed since freshman year?

Emily: I have changed a lot. I’m more outgoing now than I was back then and I think I look a lot different. I was a lot more awkward back then.

BluePrint: Is there anything you regret about your time in high school?

Emily: I regret not being involved in more clubs and activities.

BluePrint: What are your plans after graduation?

Emily: I plan on going to college for dance so that I can eventually teach it. I am thinking of attending Shenandoah University in Winchester, Virginia.

BluePrint: Is there anything you will miss about Bellwood-Antis High School?

Emily: I’m definitely going to miss my friends that I see every day and I think I am going to miss the stability of being in high school because you never know what it is going to be like once you get into the real world.