BMOC: Sean Mallon


Jeff Miller

Sean has been leading the Blue Devils’ campaign this fall

Sean Mallon has been doing it all for Bellwood-Antis this year.  While leading the undefeated football team, he is also excelling in the classroom along with balancing basketball and track.

The ability to balance academics with sports is impressive, but Sean has a strategic approach to this task.  When asked about how he handles his strenuous schedule, Sean stated, “The balance is difficult because I have to make sure that I don’t fall behind in sports or academics, but school is my biggest focus especially my senior year.”

Sean got his start in sports early on in his life when he started both football and basketball in first grade, but he did not start track until ninth grade.  Sean is not the only Mallon that came through B-A as a three sport athlete.  His older brother, Zach, was also a great athlete in his time at Bellwood-Antis while finding success in the classroom.

Many athletes fall behind the curve in the offseason, but Sean puts his focus on basketball while also attending all of the football workouts.  Caden Noel and Jake Martin, who are Sean’s teammates on the basketball and football team, both admire his hard work and the dedication he puts into all of his activities.

As of right now, Sean does not have any plans to play sports at the collegiate level although he is open to the opportunity.  He has also narrowed down his choices in majors to engineering and business, which both interest him.  Although Sean does not know which college he will attend after high school, he has been looking at Penn State.