Just Junior: Caroline Taylor


You’ve probably seen this month’s Just Junior, Caroline Taylor, walking through the halls throughout the day. Caroline is a good student and a hard worker. When asked about Caroline, Junior Luke Hollingshed said, “She’s very quiet.”


The BluePrint: How different are you now compared to last year?
Caroline: I used to be weird—I might still be weird, I don’t know.


The BluePrint: Who do you look up to?
Caroline: Oh, my sister.


The BluePrint: Favorite movie?
Caroline: The Fault in Our Stars.


The BluePrint: Favorite book?
Caroline: The Boy in the Stripped Pajamas.


The BluePrint: Favorite food?
Caroline: Anything chocolate.


The BluePrint: Favorite song?
Caroline: Anything by Fall Out Boy.


The BluePrint: Are you in any clubs?
Caroline: I’m the President of Spanish Club.


The BluePrint: Best thing about being a Junior?
Caroline: Almost being a Senior.


The BluePrint: If you could have a super power, what would it be?
Caroline: I want to fly—no doubt.


The BluePrint: What are you looking forward too?
Caroline: Senior year.