Mercer’s passion for B-A is an asset to student safety


Aarron Laird

Tim Mercer returned to B-A four years ago and has revamped the district’s security procedures.

Kimberly Bennett, Staff Writer

Mr. Timothy Mercer has been Bellwood-Antis’s security guard since 2018, and he has protected and served since the day he stepped foot in the school four years ago.

Mr. Mercer said he truly loves being a part of the Bellwood-Antis School District family and keeping everyone safe.

“We have the absolute greatest students and staff,” he said.

Mr. Mercer graduated from B-A  in 1984 before attending Penn State.

Helping our school remain a safe place for our students, staff, and visitors is my way of giving back to the school and community for everything my Bellwood-Antis education helped me achieve.

— Mr. Mercer

“I went to college at the Pennsylvania State University and graduated with a bachelor degree in the Administration of Justice in May of 1988,” he stated. He also graduated from Pennsylvania State Police Academy in Hershey, PA in December, 1988, the FBI National Academy, 1988, and FBI National Academy 2008.

Before taking charge of the district’s security operations, Mr. Mercer was a Pennsylvania State Police Officer.

“I decided to retire from the Pennsylvania State Police in 2015 after achieving my complete service time,” he said. He had a long amount of time in the service as a Lieutenant Colonel in the State Police.

Mr. Mercer was assigned to work in Harrisburg, but this meant spending a lot of time away from his family, and he didn’t want to do that. He decided to stay in Antis Township with his wife and daughters.

Superintendent Dr. Thomas Mclnory along with all the other teachers enjoy to see the interaction with the kids in the halls. He greets the kids in the mornings with his impeccable dance moves and amazing music.

High School principal Mr. Richard Schreier mentioned, ” He has provided a number of ideas that have led to positive change in our district.”

Mr. Mercer teams each day with Mr. Jeff Hanna and the two of them have worked very hard to make a lot of changes in the school and students.

“We rely on our students and staff to be the extra eyes and ears of the BA security office,” said Mercer, who points to the phrase often said at Bellwood-Antis, “See something, say something,” which is stating that making our school safe is everyone’s responsibility.

In 2017, Mr. Hanna was B-A’s only security guard until he gave Dr. McInroy an emphatic recommendation of Mercer. With that duo in place, the school climate hasn’t been the same since when it comes to matters of security.

“Quickly I realized what an asset he would be to the security team,” said Dr. McInroy. “The relationship that they have developed a positive relationship with parents, employees, students, and the community helps with reporting things that aren’t seen by anyone else.”

Mr. Mercer has three daughters who graduated from Bellwood-Antis, which has instilled in him a sense of responsibility.

“Helping our school remain a safe place for our students, staff, and visitors is my way of giving back to the school and community for everything my Bellwood-Antis education helped me achieve,” said Mr. Mercer, who added that he enjoyed his education while he was here and learned many things about how to be as successful as he is today.

Mr. Mercer has had a huge impact on this school district and the students and faculty. He has created a safe environment for all of us to enjoy.