Christmas Break Hangover


Do you ever come back from break feeling exhausted?

Students have gone from fun family festivities to getting thrown into mid-terms.

Coming off of Christmas break has been difficult to say the least. With mid-terms and papers to grade before the second marking period ends.

Its draining especially when you just got used to staying at home and doing things on your own time.

Freshman Gracie Rice says “It has been hard coming back to school since now we are having a five day week coming off of Christmas break.”

Since the marking period is almost ending teachers are scrambling to get all their papers graded. With that students are having a strain of homework.

“The longer our time off work, the more normal it is to feel upset about returning,”Rebecca Fraser-thill writes on Forbes article. 

Freshman Brady Brown says “It’s a lot of weight thrown right onto your shoulders, right after having fun with family and friends. It can be very stressful to have to come back to piles of work and tests”.

Having a disconnect between work or school is normal after a long break.

“All humans experience the most comfort with what’s known, and a routine of being away from home becomes our “normal”,” Rebecca Fraser-Thill writes on Forbes article “Therefore, felling nervous and discontent about returning work after a break of two weeks or more is not necessarily concerning.”