Jaylee Shuke

Jayce Miller is going to Saint Francis.

Johanna Heckman, Staff Writer

Senior Jayce Miller is facing the challenge of college. The stress that comes along with college is vigorous.

Picking a college to go to is hard enough, but having to prepare to go to college is even worse.

Jayce opted to go to with Saint Francis University.

“I have some nerves regarding the stress levels I will encounter in college,” Jayce says. “I decided to go to Saint Francis because they have a great OT program and an amazing community.”

College can be perceived as a good thing and a restart for Jayce, and she is looking forward to making new friends and starting her career.

She received a presidential scholarship from Saint Francis University, and will be majoring in occupational therapy.

Some activities that she would like to be involved in at Saint Francis is special Olympics, student government, and theater.

She will be leaving for college in August.

“I like the way B-A feels like a family, and that is probably what I will miss most,” she says.