Jaylee Shuke

Sophia Nelson plans on playing soccer at Penn State Altoona.

Addalyn Turek, Staff Writer

Many kids have a hard time choosing a college, picking a major, and because of that they simply give up. Unlike others, Sophia’s got it all figured out.

Sophia has chosen to attend Penn State Altoona. She said, “Though I was accepted to the main campus, I decided to transfer after visiting the Altoona branch and their soccer program. Penn State Altoona has a great kinesiology program and it’s close to home.” She is happy she can get the benefits of a big school education but with a small school experience.

She says she plans on eventually transferring to the main campus, but for now she’s happy with staying with her family a few more years.

“I had an idea that I would end up going to Penn State but not specifically Altoona. I considered going to the university Park but Altoona gave me the opportunity to play soccer,” says Sophia.

She hopes that playing soccer at PSU Altoona will not only improve her as a player but gain new friendships through this experience.

Although Sophia makes it seem easy, she even has moments where it seems difficult. She says it is diffidently hard to choose a college and whether she’s making the right decision.

“I will miss my friends and this community,” Sophia said when asked what she’ll miss most about BAHS.