College Corner: Emily Martin


Caroline Nagle

Emily Martin is headed to CalU to become a math teacher.

Senior Emily Martin is going to California University of Pennsylvania next year and she is majoring in Secondary Education Mathematics, though she is unsure just yet what her minor will be.

Emily said she chose CalU because the campus is beautiful, they have a really good education program, and it’s close to Pittsburgh.

Emilys aspirations include becoming a secondary math teacher.

“I think the school size is perfect for me and I’ve always been thinking of being a teacher,” she explained.

A long-time dancer at Andrea’s in Bellwood, Emily said she might join the dance team and some other clubs at Calu.

While she is most looking forward to meeting new people, she is also nervous for having to be on her own for the first time.

” I think I’ll miss knowing everyone in Bellwood and being so close with my friends the most,” explained Emily.

Emily is excited to go to a school where many Bellwood kids don’t go to because she can meet new people.