Prom slated for next week


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B-A students won’t have to have an unofficial or adjusted prom this year.

Jojo Caswell , Staff Writer

A tradition that has been set aside for a couple of years do to the pandemic will return next week to the resounding approval of the Bellwood-Antis student body.

Next Friday will be the first traditional prom since COVID for Bellwood Antis students at the Casino in Lakemont.

“Sometimes you will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory,” said prom advisor Mrs. Holly¬† Carney.

Two years ago, during the height of lockdowns in 2020, prom was cancelled and over the summer students and parents organized an unofficial prom held off of school grounds. Last year, an official prom was hosted at Lakemont, but it was held outside to adhere to safety mandates.

This year’s theme is neon.¬† Attendees will have a variety of entertainment options available to them, include a dance floor and DJ, light refreshments, and a selfie/photo booth.

Manning photography will be there to take formal pictures at the beginning of prom.

The entire event runs from 7 p.m. until 10:30, and there will be no school-funded after glow this year.

Once there, s are not aloud to leave the prom until 10:30. Any student coming from an outside school district needs a photo ID to get into prom.