Feature Teacher: Mr. Jarrid Adams


Mr. Jarrid Adams is a student teacher here at Bellwood-Antis High School. He graduated from Hollidaysburg School District and is currently a student at Mount Aloysius College. He decided to began teaching when he realized they help students not only in the classroom but in life as well. Outside of student teaching, Mr. Adams likes to work and be active in sports and other activities.

BLUEPRINT: Did your High school experience influence your decision to teach?

Mr. Adams: Yes, my teacher Mr. Klausman helped me a lot with classes as well as life which made me want to help others. Especially students who were like me.

BLUEPRINT: Do you think you will stick with teaching, why or why not?

Mr. Adams: Yes, because I love to help people.

BLUEPRINT: What subject do you hope to teach later on?

Mr. Adams: World History, American History, Civics, Sociology, or Psychology.

BLUEPRINT: How has student teaching helped you?

Mr. Adams: Helped me with the fear of talking in front of students.

BLUEPRINT: Do you plan on teaching civics later on?

Mr. Adams: Possibly, personally I would like to teach other subjects.

BLUEPRINT: What do you like most about Bellwood?

Mr. Adams: Either the students or the healthy teaching environment.

BLUEPRINT: What was your favorite memory of teaching here at Bellwood?

Mr. Adams: I really liked having debates.

BLUEPRINT: What do you plan on doing after college?

Mr. Adams: Being a Secondary History Teacher as well as being a personal trainer.

BLUEPRINT: What schools do you hope to teach at?

Mr. Adams: My top schools would be Hollidaysburg, Bellwood, and State College.

BLUEPRINT: How has teaching with Mr. Mcnaul further prepared you for teaching?

Mr. Adams: Helped me with building professional relationships with students, taught me how to prepare for class, and how to find the happy moments in a bad day.