Student Teacher: Mr. Gabriel Newvine


Mr. Gabriel Newvine is a student teacher here at the Bellwood-Antis High School. He is currently attending Penn State and is majoring in music education. Prior to his college career he was a student at Hughesville High School. Mr. Newvine has been teaching under Mr. Patrick Sachse, Bellwood school districts band teacher for two months.

BLUEPRINT: How has your experience with Bellwood been?
Mr. Newvine: I’ve loved my time at Bellwood. The culture of the school is welcoming and everyone here is always putting their best foot forward.
BLUEPRINT: What do you like most about Bellwood?
Mr. Newvine: The students. Everyone here has a strong work ethic and wants to succeed.
BLUEPRINT: Has it been beneficial for you to teach with Mr. Sachse?
Mr. Newvine: Mr. Sachse has pushed me to be a better teacher in almost every aspect of the profession. So it has been amazing to work with him.
BLUEPRINT: What do you plan on doing after college?
Mr. Newvine: I’ll be returning to PSU for a grad program in music composition.
BLUEPRINT: What school would you like to teach at?
Mr. Newvine: I would like to teach at a school similar to Bellwood one day.
BLUEPRINT: Why did you choose to teach?
Mr. Newvine: I chose teaching because because although music is my passion, helping others discover their passion is just as rewarding.
BLUEPRINT: Outside of teaching, what are your interests?
Mr. Newvine: Outside of teaching, I enjoy composing music, hiking/ being outside in nature.
BLUEPRINT: How did your high school experience influence your decision to teach?
Mr. Newvine: All of my teachers in high school were excellent and showed me how a teacher can influence a student life for the better.
BLUEPRINT: What is one of your favorite memories of student teaching at Bellwood?
Mr. Newvine: There was this wonderful day where everyone was just enjoying making music, and it didn’t really matter whether it was right or wrong.
BLUEPRINT: Did you pick to teach at Bellwood or was it assigned?
Mr. Newvine: I did not have a choice on where I was placed but I’m glad to have been assigned here.
BLUEPRINT: Have the kids in your classes helped you understand teaching any better?
Mr. Newvine: Absolutely. When you are learning how to be a teacher, everything is theoretical, whereas, by working here, I can finally see how teaching works.
BLUEPRINT: What do you like most about teaching?
Mr. Newvine: I love seeing students put two and two together. That lightbulb moment is always so remarkable
BLUEPRINT: How has Bellwood prepared you to teach after college?
Mr. Newvine: It’s given me all the tools I need to succeed in any program.