Gracie Rice

Alex Perry will be heading to the state of Indiana to continue his education.

Gracie Rice

Alex Perry will be attending The University of Southern Indiana next fall.

Southern Indiana is in Evansville.

Many things led him to choosing this college, such as, value, close to relatives, campus life, campus location, and his father, aunt, and cousin attended here as well.

“It’s not too small but not too big. It has been renovated and it’s comfortable and clean,” said Alex. “The campus has been consistently updated.” 

This school was one of many he considered. Alex also considered Penn State but felt it was too expensive and he didn’t feel comfortable there. Indiana State was too far from family, and IUP was nice but he still didn’t feel as comfortable.

Alex said he plans to major in finance and eventually get a job in the financial field and work towards a masters of business administration. He will be taking business classes, calculus 1, studying, and determination.

Alex plans to get involved in campus life by joining the investing club and other student organizations.

Alex’s advice to people preparing for senior year is, “Don’t wait until the last minute to start looking for colleges, and apply for as many scholarships as possible!”

Although he is excited to live a campus life, Alex said he will miss friends, the good staff, and the atmosphere here at Bellwood.